The New Years Day Dip

Whilst the majority of Newquay were still in bed fast asleep, a bunch of the Women + Waves and Newquay Activity Centre crew from all over the country came down to Towan Beach, Newquay to take part in the Women + Waves New Years Day Dip! 

I’m not going to lie, after organising this a few months back it seemed a great idea to start the new year out of our comfort zone, have a fresh star to the year, detox the day and so on, but when my alarm went off this morning (after a few drinks the night before) I could have quite happily hit snooze. I had to remind myself why I wanted to do this and get others involved too. I’d been reading a lot on how a cold water flush is good way to promote new bloodcells and it’s a great way to detox the body. So there was no better time than 10am on New Years Day to dunk ourselves in the sea at Towan Beach,Newquay.

We were lucky enough to have Newquay Activity Centre let us use their lovely heated changing rooms which took the edge off our feet on the freezing cold floor. 
Once the rain finally stopped, the sun slightly peaked through the clouds, we made a run for it! From the top of Towan all the way into the sea! A quick head dunk and all of a sudden it didn’t feel as cold anymore. Our focus was on laughing and how ridiculous we are, not on how cold we were. 


As we ran back out of the water straight into the changing rooms, we had a room full of buzzing people, big smiles and everyone feeling revitalised! 

We shortly warmed up with a hot chocolate and some cake! So it was definitely all worth it even if it was just for that! 


To sum up the reasons we did the dip and why others should join us next year, here’s why:

– It’s a great start to the year and an even better start to a Monday!

– A natural high! 

– It actually boosts the immune system!
Cold water significantly increases your white blood cell count and several other factors relating to the immune system. 

– It gets your blood pumping – Well, it helps flush your circulation for starters, pushing blood through all your capillaries, veins and arteries. It will exfoliate your skin and flush impurities from it, thus helping your complexion!

–  Do something out of your comfort zone at least once a week. The rest of the week will never be as bad or as challenging, so you’ll feel a huge sense of achievement.

Well done to everyone that came along and a big thanks to Newquay Activity Centre for their support. What a great vibe to start the year with! 

So here’s to 2018 – lets step outside of our comfort zones a little more and see what we can achieve! 

Happy New Year Frothers! 


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