5 Reasons to try Veganuary

As 2018 kicks we thought we’d jump on the detox bandwagon and give you 5 good reasons to choose a Plant Based diet throughout January. This means no meat and no dairy! Not only all the celebs such as Natalie Portman, Liam Hemsworth, J-Lo and Ariana Grande are doing it (and they all look fantastic may I add) but, changing to a plant based diet has more benefits than you may think! 

1. It’s healthy and if you do it right – you’ll loose weight. 
It will cut out cholesterol, lower your blood pressure, and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
Don’t worry there’s plenty of options available to get your protein, nearly all vegetables, beans, grains, nuts, and seeds contain more than enough. If you’re that worried, look for chickpeas, black beans, quinoa and tofu as a quick easy protein boost. 

 Nikki Van Dijk -Vegan Surfer on WSL

Nikki Van Dijk -Vegan Surfer on WSL

2. You’re helping to save the environment
Going Vegan can reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction, and pollution, while saving water and other precious resources. Did you know raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than a car, planes and other forms of transport added together?

3. Save the animals
The UK has some of the best farming standards in the world. Unfortunately this standard still isn’t good enough. We’ve all seen the images of poorly kept animals in horrible conditions. Say no more. 

4. Cut the crap
Our food contains so many chemicals and crap that we don’t need to be putting in our bodies. After 2 weeks without any processed foods you’ll start to see the benefits! Your energy levels will increase and your skin and body will be glowing! (Remember that some vegan alternatives are still heavily processed). 

 Tia Blanco - surfer and vegan enthusiast

Tia Blanco – surfer and vegan enthusiast

5. It’s fun! 
We are so lucky that the UK supplies such great plant based options and alternatives in our supermarkets and it is forever growing. It’s great to spice up your evening meals and to try new recipes with dairy free alternatives. You never know you might even prefer it! 

So if you need a good kick start to 2018, try Veganauary. Instead of being scared of the change, embrace it, what is the worst that can happen? We’re not saying throw all your leather goods away and wear pleather just yet – but it’s good way to have an easy detox. And FYI – Oreo’s are vegan! 

Throughout this month we’ll be adding a few easy plant based recipes up on the blog to give you some inspiration. 


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