Towan Beach Clean – Storm Eleanor won’t clean up after herself

At 11am on Saturday 6th January, we were blessed with glorious sunshine for the Women + Waves Towan Beach Clean, to clear up all the mess Storm Eleanor made. 

Over 50 people made up of families, friends, kids and a whole lot of dogs gathered on the beach all ready to pick up as much rubbish we could find! After getting our hands dirty and digging under the top layer of sand, we managed to fill up 6 dustbin bags, a bunch of scrap metal and a whole lot of debris from the storm.

Plastic in our oceans is becoming a huge problem. Animals get wrapped up in monofilament fishing line nets, plastic bags, balloons, and straps. Then, there is a huge issue with the sea life eating the plastic which can cause blockages of their guts and intestines. This can cause toxic chemical reactions which can kill them. So every little bit of plastic you pick up can help! 

A huge thank you to everyone that helped out. We made a great difference in keeping our beaches beautiful! 

We have a fantastic community and we hope to see you all again soon for the next one! 

 Thanks for the photos from @Lenspress + Emz @pancakes

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