5 amazing activities in Nusa Lembongan!

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A tiny island with a very big heart; Nusa Lembongan is nothing short of a humble tropical haven. Sitting peacefully to the West of Bali, the island unassumingly boasts tropical treasures discovered by very few. Nusa Lembongan welcomes surfers of any skill level seeking crystal clear waters and crowd-less line ups. Home to a vibrant reef, rich with marine life and overlooked by Bali’s active volcano, there is something truly special about the energy of this place.

We want to share a little bit of the magic with you as we discover the gems and jewels of this paradise on Earth.

No.1 You guessed it – the surf

And not just the way in which swells so mesmerisingly roll over the endless reef, breaking left and right in A-frame perfection, but also the simplicity of surfing on this island. Wake up, grab your board, walk straight across the sand from your beachfront bungalow onto a surf taxi boat and find yourself diving directly into the line up. No tiring paddle needed, no turtle-rolls nor duck dives required, no recovery breaths to reduce the panting necessary. Instead, our shoulders are spared and our arms are ready for the approaching set. 

The surf of Nusa Lembongan offers something for everyone – from the racey waves of Razors and Shipwrecks to challenge even the most technically skilled of surfers, to the playful user-friendly options of Playgrounds and high-tide Lacerations to suit those discovering surf for the first time. These waves were given scary names – a technique by the surfers who discovered them to put visitors off! But don’t be put off, believe us, they offer really fun conditions. Through 15 years of visiting this island paradise, we have dialled in the tide times and conditions to enjoy super playful conditions. Just look at the waves in the video, we’ll have you out in the most fun conditions imaginable.

A little different from the 4 seasons we experience in Europe, Indonesia has just 2 known as the “rainy season” and “dry season”. While the latter may sound more appealing to those seeking clear skies and sunshine, this is also the peak period for large Indian Ocean swells (and even larger crowds). Instead, we prefer to visit in the shoulder season of March for a much more relaxed experience with friendlier waves and fewer holiday-goers. The shoulder season sees a mix of weather with hot sunny days and rainfall during the night, cooling off the air and blessing us with still, clear mornings for enviably glassy sunrise sessions.  

No.2 Fuel for shredders

Many of the breaks work across a range of tides, which means you’ll be struggling to find a good excuse to take a surf taxi boat back to land. Except – from the surf spot you spy the line of cafés and restaurants along the beachfront with menus to satisfy all taste buds. From local Indonesian nasi goreng and coconuts to tropical fruit smoothie bowls and lattes, you’ll be refuelled and ready for back-to-back sessions. 

Surf, eat, sleep, repeat has never been more apt, nor more affordable… With local meals costing no more than 50,000 rph (the equivalent of £2.50) and fine dining hardly making a dent in your wallet, you’ll be able to justify eating  lunch and dinner out, while breakfast is included in the trip package that Women and Waves offer. You can easily eat at a different restaurant every night! 

Our favourites include Ombak Café with its delicious smoothie bowls, nutritious toasties and laid-back surfer vibe. Walk straight from the water’s edge, rinse off under an outdoor shower, place your surfboard in the racks and rest your surfed-out body on one of their beachfront loungers. Not forgetting the ice-cold coconut of course!

Not far up the beach is Ginger & Jamu, a casual yet charming café where sandy toes meet table service. With all-natural ingredients, plant-based recipes, freshly caught fish and flavours to ignite your taste buds, you’ll undoubtedly be returning to try more of the menu!

No.3 The coral reef

With transparent turquoise water, you’ll be wishing you had a mask and snorkel in between sets. Below the surface an abundant array of colourful marine life dances and dazzles across the coral reef, while 5-meter-wide manta rays glide and swoop in the darker depths of the ocean. Take a boat to dive with these majestic gentle-giants and discover with your own eyes why they are known as the Angels of the Sea.

Snorkel boats depart from the beachfront daily with experienced local captains who will bring you to idyllic bays and deserted white-sandy beaches between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida to swim with tropical fish, turtles and of course the manta ray.

No.4 Follow the yellow bridge road

Hop on a scooter or hitch a ride on an open-air truck and discover the jungle-lined roads that will lead you from one island to another. Cross the famous yellow bridge to Nusa Cenigan and experience an extensive marine algae farm where seaweed is delicately cultivated by local residents daily. 

Continue to the most Western tip of the island to watch the epic surf from Mahana Point. Openly exposed to the swells of the Indian Ocean, even on the smallest of days you’ll witness a perfect peeling left-hander. When the waves aren’t pumping, walk the plank of the local Warung perched on the side of the cliff and jump into the blue waters below, if you dare!

No.5 Sunsets to never forget

Facing West, Nusa Lembongan gifts us with a spectacular sunset each and every evening. Watch in awe as the colours of the sky ignite, reflecting in the still waters of the low-tide lagoon, and the last of the sun’s rays cast a goodbye glow on the neighbouring Volcano of Agung. 

As the light begins to fade and you take in the beauty of your surroundings with disbelief, sip on a cocktail to the sound of live music or DJ sets at Ohana’s Beach Club and cheers to the most epic place on Earth!

Do you love what you see? Fancy a tropical island escape to paradise with us? We would love to share the magic of Nusa Lembongan island life with you. Join us for the surf coaching holiday of a lifetime. 

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