Discover exotic Morocco and its famous desert-backed waves. Join us on our Secluded Morocco trip and experience the gateway to Africa away from the tourist trails.

Surf long peeling point breaks, meander the labyrinth of the ancient souks and relax in hidden hammams. You’ll discover the true Morocco – experience thousands of years of history and a largely untouched part of the country.

Find out more about our Secluded Morocco trip below and join us for an adventure of a lifetime!



Morocco Women Waves


Perfect, peeling waves ripple their way up Morocco’s sun-baked coastline. Join us to surf uncrowded peaks and discover hidden coves, crystal-clear waters and empty beaches.  Morocco is where the world’s largest desert ends – and some truly epic surfing begins.


Morocco’s an hour’s journey from Spain. With just a 9-mile stretch that separates Europe from Africa, there’s a vast difference in culture, anthropology, language and topography.

This diverse, mythical kingdom includes mountain ranges, sweeping deserts, ancient cities and some of the kindest, most genuine people you’ll ever meet. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, long golden beaches line miles of unexplored coastline.



Surfers have travelled to Morocco since the 1950s, long before it became a tourist destination. Since surfing became synonymous with Morocco, it has featured in cult surf films such as Sipping Jetstreams. If you’re curious about Moroccan culture and its surf vibes, kick back and enjoy the Morocco segment in the film. It’s mystical, breathtaking and hugely inspiring!

Famous for its right hand point breaks, Morocco also benefits from 300+ days of sunshine. Join us in June, and you probably won’t need to surf in a wetsuit!



Most people associate Morocco with its reeling point breaks. But scratch the surface like we have and you’ll find waves for everyone. From mellow beach breaks for beginners to reefs and point breaks for more advanced surfers, there’s 1,835 km’s of coastline to explore.

Swells track north down the coast from the Atlantic. They’ve travelled such a long distance you’ll find they’re mostly long period swells resulting in better quality waves. Dominant winds are from the northwest to northeast.



For relaxation and down time enjoy a mint tea at a street cafe and watch the world go by. Or visit a hammam – a steam room/spa (the equivalent of a Turkish bath), which is perfect for relaxing after a day’s surfing.

Discover the roots of argan oil with a visit to an argan co-operative, or indulge in a Moroccan yoga class.


And if you’re feeling energetic, take a sunset hike to a historic fort.

Wander the souks (markets) or go camel trekking in the desert. But let’s not forget the surfing!



Moroccans are some of the kindest and most sincere, welcoming people you’ll ever meet.



Due to the country’s geography and history, Moroccan cuisine has elements of Arab, Mediterranean and Berber traditional ingredients and cooking techniques.

Your first meal is likely to be a tagine (Arabic for shallow pot), with varying combinations of vegetables, meat and couscous. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love the staggering amount of French inspired sweets and pastries on display at a Moroccan dessert stall!



The quintessential Moroccan experience includes haggling with shopkeepers while navigating the labyrinth of souks. Hunt for hidden leather tanneries, and barter down the price of the recently discovered elixir of life – argan oil. A staple for our sun damaged, surf swept locks!



Mint tea is Morocco’s national drink. It dates back to the 19th century when British merchants became stranded off the coast and had to offload their cargos. A refreshing way to kick back and relax in between surfs!