Join us for the ultimate American surf dream! Think golden beaches, palm-tree lined shores and an abundance of awesome waves.  Discover the perfect trip below. We can’t wait to share it with you!

This vast continent has thousands of miles of coastline. North and Central America’s surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, plus the Caribbean Sea. That means consistent swell, good quality waves and uncrowded peaks if you know where to look!

The states of North America have their own culture and identity. There’s surf on both coasts but as US novelty wave surfer Ben Gravy proved, you can technically surf in all 50 states!

From North America hop over the border to Central America and discover an array of smaller countries. Each has their own unique coastlines, culture and surf. The landscape varies vastly from Mayan ruins and forests to smoking volcanoes and white sandy beaches.



California Women Surfing


Live the American surf dream on our Californian road trip. Think endless beaches, warm climate, fresh food, laid-back living and sky-high palm trees. We’ll score perfect waves at spots along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Women + Waves Coast Rica


Perfect peeling waves, bath-warm water, beautiful beaches and tropical wildlife… What more could you ask for on this surfing holiday of a lifetime? From beginners to pros, Costa Rica has waves for everyone.

El Salvador Surfing Women & Waves


Secluded beaches, panoramic views and a surf-rich coastline await on this action-packed trip to El Salvador. With its right-hand point breaks and tropical climate, this beautiful country is a must-surf destination.

Nicaragua Women + Waves Surfing Holiday


Join us for a week of surfing in tropical Nicaragua. Expect fun, uncrowded waves surrounded by unspoilt beaches and lush green mountains. Constant offshore winds are an added bonus – and mean the waves here consistently have that perfect shape that we love!



From the forests and towering pines on the North west coast to the sun drenched surf cities in the south, North America has a thriving surf scene. Road trip along the famous Highway 1 (or the Pacific Coast Highway) and you’ll discover waves and beautiful beaches along every bend in this iconic road.


From the wilderness and cooler climate of the Pacific Northwest, head south past San Francisco to discover sunny beaches and the true essence of American surf culture. Discover the iconic surf towns of Santa Cruz where wetsuit pioneer Jack O’Neill lived, and the famous Surf City of Huntington Beach where you’ll find some of the most consistent surf in Southern California.


Discover the roots of surfing in the USA with a trip to the Oceanside surf museum and thrive on the laid back lifestyle of cities like Encinitas.


And although you may not necessarily associate the East coast with surfing, it has its fair share of fun beach breaks too. From the empty sandbanks of New England to the ‘surf city’ of New Jersey.


Heading further south past the Carolinas, discover Florida – the birth state of the greatest surfer of all time, Kelly Slater. You’ll find waves on beaches and between inlets, piers and jetties.



On our epic California adventure we stay in the coastal surf city of Encinitas, giving us great access to Highway 1.

We’ll check out world-famous spots like Huntington Pier, San Diego’s famous breaks to the south, and everything in between.

Experience the laidback, Cali lifestyle. Road trip along the warm coastline searching endless beaches for stacked swell lines and fun, friendly peaks.



Discover a slower pace of life and experience a real mix of friendly cultures and incredible food. Explore stunning landscapes and tropical coastlines that pick up swell from the north, west and south.

Less crowded than the more popular areas in North America, places like Costa Rica’s popularity has increased in recent years. But with a long and winding coastline, there’s still an abundance of waves and uncrowded peaks.

Expect dirt track surfaris along jungle covered hills which serve as a gateway to white sand beaches. Countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador now attract more and more surfers thanks to the quality of their waves. And with the increased tourism comes more luxurious accommodation and amenities.

Localised Caribbean storms can generate some incredibly fun waves on the countries’ east coasts. But it’s the Pacific coast that sets these countries apart – it has some of the best surfing locations in the western hemisphere.



Jungles, incredible sunsets and fun peeling waves – it’s easy to understand why we love El Salvador! Off the beaten track yet exotic, it’s a firm favourite with surfers – and us!

It’s a perfect location to shelter from the Pacific’s big northerly swells so it’s ideal to really progress your surfing, hone your technique and build your confidence in small to medium sized waves. With more time on the open face, you can perfect your pop-up, nail your bottom turn and comfortably practice duck diving without having to face huge scary waves!

Under El Salvador’s hot sun, you’ll experience the lush Central American tropics and see a noticeable improvement in your surfing.



From old-world Colonial architecture and a huge terrain of lakes to idyllic beaches, volcanoes and evergreen forests, Nicaragua has a diverse landscape.

Plus, it has an awesome advantage for us surfers. Thanks to the consistent atmospherics from the country’s largest lake, just behind the palm-lined coast, we guarantee you 100% offshore winds!

It means every wave along the adjacent coast provides perfectly clean, warm waves. Southern Nicaragua’s every surfer’s dream!



Head further south and discover the natural beauty of Costa Rica. Explore the lush vegetation of the rainforest, misty volcanic peaks, and wildlife you’ve never seen before.

Join us in Costa Rica’s remote, westernmost peninsula and experience ‘pura vida’ (pure life) in its truest form – perfect waves, crystal clear water and stunning beaches, described as some of the best in the world.

Costa Rica has a plethora of fun beach and reef breaks set against a tropical backdrop. Warm waves, easy living, pura vida! It’s a trip of a lifetime and a perfect way to improve your surfing!