From £350

  • The hub of women’s surfing – we outnumber men in the lineup
  • Great variety of surf spots for all levels
  • Hunt perfect waves off the Pacific Coast Highway
  • Includes photo and video analysis package to take home

Live the American surf dream on our Californian road trip. Think endless beaches, warm climate, fresh food, laid-back living and sky-high palm trees. We’ll score perfect waves at spots along the Pacific Coast Highway.


  •  Water temperature: 18°C
  •  Local currency: US Dollar
  •  Language: English
  •  State drinks: Tequila Sunrise, Zinfandel wine, American pale ales
  •  Mediterranean climate
  •  Reliable Pacific swell
  •  Surf 2ft-6ft
  •  Consistent offshore Santa Ana winds
  •  Beach, reef and point breaks
  •  Perfect for riders of all abilities
  •  Coastal accommodation
  •  Ultimate USA surf trip


Rating Surfboard 1

You’re ready to begin your surfing journey and want to learn the right way from the start.  We’ll supply you with all the correct kit, knowledge and skills that you need to know. You’ll progress quickly in a fun, no-pressure environment with other like-minded girls.

We’ll get you up and surfing in no time!


Rating Surfboard 2

You’ve surfed before and are keen to take your skills and stoke up a level. You’ve successfully caught white water waves, stood up and cruised to the shore. Perhaps you’ve had a taste of surfing out the back?

You want to surf regularly ‘out back’ and learn to catch unbroken waves. We can take you there!


Rating Surfboard 3

Paddling out, catching unbroken waves and successfully enjoying the buzz of taking the drop in fun conditions has captured you in its addiction. Now you’re looking to refine your skills, improve your style and work on the huge array of moves that will see you love surfing even more.


Limited places available