How To Do A Forehand Bottom Turn To Improve Your Surfing

We break down the essentials of the forehand bottom turn in surfing! We explain why the bottom turn is a crucial manoeuvre, setting the stage for your top turn, and keeping you in the critical part of the wave.

Discover the key principles of a perfect bottom turn with the help of Rip Curl’s young female team rider, Alice Barton. Analyze Alice’s stance, chest positioning, and foot placement as she executes a flawless bottom turn.

Kirsty highlights the importance of starting high on the wave, using gravity to generate speed, and compressing at the right moment for maximum effect. Learn the nuances of a bottom turn for longboarding as we feature Victoria Varara’s elegant longboard manoeuvres. See how the principles remain the same but are executed with subtle and gentle movements, showcasing the adaptability of the bottom turn across different surfboard types.

For practical improvement, we recommend two valuable exercises. First, practice your bottom turns on a surf skate to engrain the muscle memory of the movements. Second, when out surfing, focus solely on your bottom turn during the initial waves of your session. Overemphasize the movement and feel the wave’s steep section to maximize the impact of your bottom turn.

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