From £1499

  • Seven-night trip to our hidden corner of Morocco
  • Discover Morocco’s traditional, non-touristic vibe
  • Includes photo + video analysis package to take home
  • Get off the beaten track to surf uncrowded waves

Perfect, peeling waves ripple their way up Morocco’s sun-baked coastline. Join us to surf uncrowded peaks and discover hidden coves, crystal-clear waters and empty beaches.

Morocco is where the world’s largest desert ends – and some truly epic surfing begins.


  • Water temperature: 18°C (up to around 22°C from June to September)
  • Local currency: Dirham
  • Language: Berber and French
  • National drink: Mint tea
  • Desert climate
  • Reliable Atlantic swell
  • Surf 1ft-5ft
  • Empty spots
  • Beginner-friendly beach breaks, right hand points and super-long rides
  • Suitable for all surfers
  • Cliff top accommodation
  • Optional yoga sessions


Rating Surfboard 1Learn to surf at your own pace with other beginner surfers. There’s no pressure and we’ll cover the basics before you hit the water.

We’ll guide you through beach safety, the components of the surfboard and how to get to your feet or ‘pop-up’. We’re with you every step of the way and want you to love surfing as much as we do!

We’ll get you up and surfing in no time. But be prepared for a lifelong addiction!


Rating Surfboard 2

Before you arrive we’ll ask you a few simple questions to establish your surfing ability. If you haven’t attended a coaching weekend before, don’t worry. We’ll run a short surf session to gauge where you’re at and help you set some goals to improve. We’ll plot a progression course to cover everything that you would like to achieve. If there is any aspects of your surfing that are troubling you, we’ll help with those too!


Rating Surfboard 3

A fantastic opportunity to really improve your style and specific techniques. You’re already catching unbroken waves and may want to work on duck diving, stance and turns. With in-water tips from your coach coupled with photo and video analysis, you’ll see an improvement in your surfing by the end of the weekend.

We want to maximise your time in the water, which is why we offer 3 in-water sessions over the weekend.


Limited places available