Our monthly Surf Club Social Nights!


Meet at Newquay Activity Centre or our selected beach


Wednesday once a month from 5:15 PM


Water women of all ages and abilities!

How much?

We kindly ask for a £5 donation to the Women + Waves Foundation (a collection of charities close to our hearts)


April 24th

May 15th

June 12th

July 17th

August 28th

September 11th

October 23rd

Have you ever rocked up to a new surf spot, wishing you had some surf sisters to paddle out with?

Well, that’s why we started Women + Waves in the first place – to connect water women of all ages and abilities through the joy of surfing. For those of you who have been surfing with us since the start, you’ll know that Women + Waves was born out of a desire to create a supportive surf community to encourage more women to get in the water. So during the months with longer evenings, we like to take it back to our roots with our Surf Club Social Nights.


For the eighth year running, Women + Waves invites you to join our monthly surf club socials from April to October!

These events are designed to celebrate camaraderie, connect with like-minded women and enjoy the simple pleasures of surfing together.

Changing rooms will be open from 5:15 and locked at 5:30 PM – if you arrive after this time, you can meet us on the beach.

Following the surf, you can come and enjoy an optional dinner at one of our local hot spots!

The surf club is open to women of all abilities. Whether you wish to come and dip your toes in, enjoy the waves with a bodysurf/bodyboard, a beginner in the white water who just wants to practice or an advanced surfer who just wants a good laugh with others. It’s a non-judgmental space to meet others and build a community.

Please note, we do not offer any tuition during these sessions, they are purely just free surfs for fun and your safety is in your own hands (but of course you’ll be in good company).



Fancy joining us? Epic!

Step 1 – Sign up via the form below.

Step 2- We’ll send you a link to our community Whatsapp group to join where we will keep you updated.


Will equipment be available for hire? Equipment hire is available through Newquay Activity Centre, this will need to be pre-booked before arrival by contacting them directly on 01637 877722

Do you cater for food allergies/ vegetarian/ vegan etc? Yes, all our restaurant choices offer a variety of food options to suit every diet.

Can I bring my husband, son, partner, etc? Sorry guys, this is an all-women’s event. Ladies only!

Monthly Surf Club Social