Giving Back

At Women + Waves, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mossy Earth to leave less of a footprint.


For every guest that joins one of our  international holidays, we will plant a tree to help offset the emissions of that trip. We’re proud to be working with Mossy Earth to help reforest the Southern Carpathians in Romania.


These mountains are home to some of Europe’s last remaining truly wild forests. They are also a refuge for wildlife, home to the largest population of bears, wolves and lynx in the continent. But years of illegal logging has left this ecosystem hanging by a thread. Mossy Earth’s aim is to restore the barren clear-cuts that threaten these forests and their wildlife.


Our international surf trips help plant spruce, mountain elm, maple and European beech trees in areas that have been illegally logged, and to protect existing forests from further logging and poaching. By planting native tree species, the aim is not only to plant trees, but to rewild these disused lands, creating beautiful, biodiverse forests.


It is hoped that these mountains will remain for future generations to enjoy peacefully.



If you’d like to check the status of the tree that we have planted as a result of you attending a Women + Waves international surf we can link you up with Mossy Earth.