5 Reasons Why Surfing In Wales Needs To Be On Your Bucket List This Year!

Women + Waves are here to share why we LOVE surfing in Wales, so much so that we have created a Wales Surf Coaching Weekend so you can come and enjoy it with us. Find out 5 reasons why our Wales Weekend will become a highlight of your year.

1. The Waves In Wales Are Wonderful

Wales has an impressive coastline boasting challenging reefs to friendly beach breaks which makes it a fantastic location for surfers of all levels. One of our fave places to surf is The Gower Peninsula. Stretching for 19 miles, The Gower has a huge variety of surf breaks along its coastline, ranging from A-frame peaks to peeling cruisers. Llangennith in particular is where you want to head, located on the west coast of Rhossili Bay. It is constantly voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Britain. Fun waves roll in all along this three-mile stretch of gold-sand beach, making it a spot that we can’t stop going back to each year. Llangennith faces west, meaning that if it isn’t working, you might find it difficult to find anywhere else that is. It is a swell magnet with a huge variety of peaks along the huge, beautiful beach.

Women + Waves Wales Weekend

2. Food Glorious Food

We like to enjoy our Saturday nights on our Wales weekend with a delicious sunset BBQ. As the sunsets over the sand dunes, this is an awesome way to end the day with incredible views, community, and a hearty meal to feed the soul. If it’s not sunset weather we head to our absolute favourite pub – The Kings Head, a luxury 17th Century Inn. Enjoy traditional pub fare using fresh locally sourced ingredients whilst you snuggle up next to the cosy wood-burning stove.

Women + Waves Wales Weekend

3. Pro Surfers Love It Here

Wales is home to some of the UK’S pro surfing champions including James Jones and Gwen Spurlock. With these guys favouring The Gower it’s hard not to want to see why. With mellow waves in front of the sand dunes and great rolling white water waves for new and progressive surfers, Llangennith on The Gower is a winning location. On our weekends here we walk along the beach to 3 Peaks, a fantastic break for advanced surfers due to the steeper take-off. With an easier paddle out here than most breaks, this is one of those unique and rare beaches to visit. The further you walk along the beach the less crowded it gets. That’s not something you can do at many beaches and a reason why we love it here.

4. Enjoy A Country Escape

Imagine rolling over the cattle grid and it instantly transports you off-grid. There’s no cell reception, the sheep are wandering across the road and you are surrounded by green rolling hills. The beautiful rural vibes of the countryside envelope you as you look across to the sandy fringed ocean. It’s so easy to escape the city and be greeted with a breathtaking view and mellow pace of life. You become more chill and relaxed as you realise how special this place is. This isn’t your usual touristy surf town – this is The Gower.

Women + Waves Weekend in Wales

5. Accessible For All

If you live in Bristol, you can hop over the Severn bridge and be winging your way to Llangennith on a Friday straight after work, ready for a weekend of waves. If you live in Birmingham, Manchester or Liverpool then Wales would be your ‘local’ surf break. Based in London? You can drive due east in a fairly straight line and you’ll be breathing in the fresh ‘gennith coastal air in under 4 hours. We teach you all about reading the wind and swell forecast so you can build confidence in deciding where you can safely surf all along the Welsh coast when you visit in the future. Not only that, during our weekends you’ll make surfing buddies to meet up or travel with, so you can enjoy the experience with your own surf crew!

Fun Fact File

The Gower in Wales was the first place in Britain to be named an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). AONB are similar to National Parks whose landscapes, culture, flora, and fauna are considered an asset to the nation. If it’s beauty you are looking for – then look no further.

Wales has 216 Wildlife Trust nature reserves, 11 RSPB sanctuaries, 4,122 sq km of National Park, an 870-mile Wales Coast Path, ancient woodland, lakes and rivers, and wide-open spaces…these enough are reason to want to come and visit.

Tempted to travel to Wales on your next vacation? Why not join us on our next Women + Waves Wales Surf Coaching Weekend on September 25/26.

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