6 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time to Go to El Salvador

Dreaming of your next surf adventure or winter escape? Grab your bikini and join us in sunny and surf-rich El Salvador! Quickly becoming Central America’s next surfing hot spot, this under-the-radar wave haven is a Pacific swell magnet, producing some of the longest waves you’ll ever surf. Better get there quick though—now is the time to surf it in its prime, and here’s why!

It’s safer than ever to travel to

El Salvador might not have the best reputation when it comes to safety, and whilst it’s definitely more off-the-beaten-track than your typical European surf destination, we’ve never had any problems in the eight years we’ve been visiting the country. The crime stories that hit the headlines are mostly centred around the city of San Salvador, but once you get to the coast the locals are super friendly and welcoming. And with the recent government crackdown on crime, it feels safer than ever.

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It’s one of the cheapest places to surf in Central America

Since it’s still fairly under-the-radar, El Salvador hasn’t been as affected by the increase in tourism as much as other Central American countries. Food, beer and accommodation are still pretty cheap (for now), so your pounds and dollars will go much further compared to its more expensive neighbours. So if you’re itching for a tropical winter escape without the price tag to match, now’s your chance to make the most of El Salvador’s affordability.

It offers an incredible set-up of world-class waves

For the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador sure does pack a punch when it comes to quality waves. If you watched the World Longboard Championships this year held at El Sunzal, you’ll have probably drooled over that perfect reeling right-hander. Well, that beauty of a wave is the blueprint for most of the other epic point breaks around. The topography of the ocean floor and geography of El Salvador’s coastline sets it up to be a world-class wave playground of endless right-hand point breaks. Plus, a short walk from those long, sloping right-handers of El Tunco, you’ll find a string of multi-peak beach breaks that deliver fun rights and lefts. With over 300km of coastline to explore, there’s endless opportunities for scoring perfect waves with no one else around…

It’s a surfer’s paradise without the crowds

Isn’t it every surfer’s fantasy to travel back in time to surf a world-class wave before it became, well, world-class? The surf spots in El Salvador are still relatively untouched, boasting amazing waves and natural beauty without the crowds and commercialism (think Bali circa 1995). For our last few trips to this quiet slice of Central America, we’ve been blessed with perfectly groomed chest-high waves all to ourselves. But it won’t stay quiet forever — now that the WSL have started holding competitions there. All the more reason to get out here ASAP!

It provides the best conditions to improve your surfing

Add a lack of crowds to a mind-boggling array of waves and what do you get? An absolute training ground for your surfing progression. The quickest way to improve your surfing is to surf as many different kinds of waves as possible, and in a place like El Salvador, the opportunity to improve is infinitely maximised by the different breaks available (all within a maximum half hour drive). There are slow-peeling point breaks for practising your turns, peaky beach breaks for improving your wave-reading skills and punchier waves if you’re up for a challenge.

Surf skate training is included in our El Salvador surf trip

Even when you’re not surfing, you can still work on your progression with our brand new surf skate training programs. Our El Salvador trip is one of our first camps to include this epic offering, where you’ll learn from a qualified coach how to translate the skills you learn on land to smoother manoeuvres in the waves.

Want to be one of the first to try this new training programme and bliss out in wave paradise with us?! Join us in January 2024 for our next El Salvador trip, especially for intermediate surfers! Click here to see what else is included and secure your spot.

Get ready for some serious surfing progression. Our performance-focused programme is designed to take your surfing to the next level.
For the first five days of the trip, you’ll enjoy our intense surf programme! Our trip leaders Courtenay and Nette, work alongside our amazing El Salvador team who will be with you every paddle of the way (literally!)
You’ll be surfing in small groups to ensure close water coaching from the moment you paddle out from the beach. Every part of your ride you’ll have one of our coaches helping you with your wave selection, finding the best take-off spot to surfing along the face of the wave. We’ll also be offering you 1:1 in-water feedback in the channel so you can immediately put this into action.
You’ll also have our team filming you on the beach, ready for your post-surf video analysis. So we have all angles covered! Add to this water photography during 5 of your sessions!
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