Positive Waves – transforming lives through the power of the ocean

This summer saw the launch of Newquay based community project Positive Waves; an ocean initiative aiming to increase social inclusion and harness the healing power of the ocean to change people’s lives for the better. Women and Waves has championed Positive Waves from the very start, and many wonderful folks in our surf community came together to make Positive Waves a reality. Thank you! 

So… what’s next. We’re stoked to share with you that Positive Waves has a project fund pot of £3,230, which is an incredible amount, and will go 100% towards delivering life changing water confidence courses, and personalised ocean support sessions in Newquay.

Positive Waves is working in partnership with local charities and community groups, and will be actively helping individuals who are in recovery from addiction and alcohol abuse, who are homeless, living in emergency housing or in financial hardship, members of the deaf community, military veterans and individuals struggling with their mental health… and hopefully many more local people…

Positive Waves is a personal project designed to help individual people, and so it will be delivered gradually, at a pace that’s natural and well matched to each of the beneficiaries. The physical and mental health benefits of spending time in the ocean are well documented, so Positive Waves is here to help people in Newquay engage with the ocean, and find a pathway towards a brighter future.  

There is a huge demand for this project in Newquay, and so we are delighted to see it become a reality. We’re super invested in Positive Waves and will be supporting wherever we can over the coming months. We’ll keep you updated on all things Positive Waves, and everything that’s accomplished as the sessions roll out!

Hey ladies, we want to tell you about Positive Waves, it’s a community project in Newquay which aims to transform people’s lives, through the power of the ocean. Women and Waves are supporting Positive Waves wholeheartedly, and want to help spread the word about this amazing cause.

Positie Waves is a Pay It Forward campaign focused around the ocean; it’s about harnessing the energy and the physical and mental health benefits we get when we spend time in the water, and paying these opportunities forward to those who need them most.

There are many people in Cornwall who don’t have access to the ocean due to chronic health conditions, physical limitations or impairments, lack of confidence, social constraints or psychological barriers. Positive Waves aims to make the ocean more accessible for people and to help them grow in confidence, resilience and self-belief. 

Positive Waves will be running a Crowdfunder campaign throughout this summer, which will see 100% of the donations go towards delivering valuable, personalised and impactful sessions: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/positivewaves

Rebecca Mantle, Founder of Positive Waves says “Our belief is that people will be energised by their experience in the ocean, and that this mind and body reset has the potential to lead to personal growth and self development. We want to help people find a way to access and engage with the ocean; through supportive ocean sessions we’ll focus on building confidence and guiding them on a personal journey, taking time to gain independence, learn skills & feel more at ease in the water”

If you’ve already discovered the buzz of being in the water, or if the ocean has worked its healing magic on you, then Women and Waves asks you to please pay it forward. Every contribution to this amazing crowdfund helps, even just the price of a coffee can make a huge difference, it all adds up.  

This is a chance to lift people up on a wave of kindness and generosity, to give the gift of ocean adventure, and be part of a community movement that has the potential to transform lives.

Together we can make a huge difference. Let the Positive Waves flow.

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Contact Rebecca Mantle on positivewavesnewquay@gmail.com

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