Tops Tips For Looking After Your Wetsuit



Leaving your wetsuit in a sandy pile post surf isn’t just awful the next time you put it on, it’s also bad for your suit! By taking care of your wetsuit and following these simple tips, your wetsuit will not only dry better it will also keep its flexibility and last longer, win win.

Here are our 5 top tips on how to look after your wetsuit + avoid that dreaded stink!

1) Always rinse your suit after use 

It is essential to get the sand and salt off straight after your surf. Once it dries on your suit the crystals will solidify and destroy the neoprene. This leads to cracks which let the chilly water in!


2) Hang your wetsuit properly 

  • Dry your suit inside out first, to get it nice and dry inside for when you next put it on
  • Make sure it is out of direct sunlight, the UV rays will damage the neoprene
  • Hang your suit in half over a hanger, not by the shoulders. Wet wetsuits are heavy and the shoulders will stretch!



3) Give it a proper wash once in a while 

Rinsing will get the majority of the salt off your suit, it’s important to give it a good clean occasionally. You can soak it in milton mixed with water or with a wetsuit shampoo, such as Ripcurl’s Piss Off

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4) Change on a mat, in your bucket or on your board bag

Not just a tip to keep your feet warm when changing in the winter, but also a way to extend the life of your wetsuit. This avoids you standing on your suit on the hard ground, gravel or mud.


5) If you’re not surfing for a while…

It’s a sad reality but if you’re not using your wetsuit for a while, make sure it is completely dry on both sides when storing it. This will stop mould and that awful damp wetsuit smell.

When it comes to surfing your wetsuit is just as valuable as your board, so you should give it just as much love!

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