What’s in store for 2019!

Hey Guys!

We hope you’ve all had a great start to 2019 !

(If you haven’t, it doesn’t matter there’s plenty of time to change that!)

The start of a new year is a time to reflect and set new goals for the year ahead. We’re not a fan of the word ‘goals’ we like to call them ‘intentions’ and our intentions are to make sure you guys are having the best experience with us as possible. So we’ve been listening to what you’ve been asking for and we believe we have come up with the greatest year yet! You can expect the following small changes we have put in place for 2019 :

  • New Surf Coaching Weekend Dates!

    More fun filled weekends of surfing our brains out with Newquay Activity Centre, eating incredible food at Newquays coolest hot spots, photo/video analysis by the best and wonderful times with the crew!
    Always remember our coaching weekends are open to all abilities.
    Never done it before? Perfect – come and learn something new for 2019!

    Check out our 2019 dates below:

    • 23rd + 24th March

    • 18th + 19th May 

    • 22nd + 23rd June 

    • 14th + 15th September

    • 5th + 6th October

  • New professional photo and video by Chris Burton!
    You now have the choice to take home professional photos of yourself riding the waves! You’ll finally be able to nail that perfect profile photo!

  • Meet Emma, one of our epic new hosts!
    Keen water enthusiast , style queen and all round legend. We are sure you will love her as much as we do!

That’s only the start of it, so keep an eye out for more updates. We can’t wait to see you all soon for our first weekend of the year in March!

Until then, keep surfing!



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