Go slow | 10 ways to calm the f down

Sometimes we all need to press pause, calm down and then proceed in slow-mo.

We’re inundated from all sides in this day and age. It’s common to get flustered and OK to freak out occasionally. We all do. When this happens, It can be useful to have a couple of strategies up your sleeve for lowering your heart rate – easier said than done, hey?

So when times get tricky and you need to re-calibrate, here are 10 simple tips to help relax your body, calm the mind and reset.

Top tips for calming down

1. breathe

It’s flipping effective. Take a big breath deep into the bottom of your lungs and exhale slowly, focusing on the out-breath. Repeat.

2. Change your focus

Decluttering your surroundings can help to declutter your mind. Even a quick tidy of your desk will help!

3. Take a break

Fresh Air! Take a 5-minute walk around the block or go open a window – fresh air works wonders! ⁠

4. Mind surf

Imagine surfing in slow-motion. You’re riding the wave down the line, carving turns across its face. Focus on the experience. How does it feel? How does it sound? What does the wave look like?

5. Write it down

Downloading your anxieties onto paper will help your brain release its grip on the worry.

6. Screens down. Have a shower

It’s hard to look at your phone when you’re washing your hair. This is a block of time set aside simply for you and your thoughts, or for singing really loud.

7. pet your pet

In 2019, researchers at Washington State University found that petting a dog or cat for 10 minutes can relieve stress by significantly lowering cortisol levels. Do you have a pet? Get cuddling.

8. call a loved one

Have a cuppa tea and call a mate or a loved one. You don’t even need to tell them what’s wrong, just hearing the voices of people you love is incredibly soothing. ⁠

9. Drink a glass of water

Dehydration makes literally everything worse, including muscle tension. How many glasses of water have you drunk today?

10. Get your playlist on

Music is a mood booster. Looking for a new playlist? Check out the Women + Waves playlist!

What do you do to help relax your mind?⁠ Share your tips with us in the comments below 👇⁠

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