3 Critical Foot Movements To Improve Your Surfing

let’s dive into the art of movement on your surfboard. Surfing is a beautiful combination of weight shifts, rotation, and fluidity. Whether you’re riding a small fish or a longboard, moving around is essential for every surfer. In this video, we’ll uncover why moving on your board matters and provide you with drills to enhance your skills.

As beginners, we learn to surf with a wide stance for stability. But as you progress, this stance can limit your trim and turning capabilities. By watching skilled surfers, you’ll notice how they gracefully move on their boards, allowing them to flow with the wave’s energy.

So, why is moving on your surfboard important?

Shifting forward boosts acceleration, while moving back aids in turning and controlling speed. To master these essential movements, we’ve crafted a set of practices targeting acceleration, breaking, and turning. These drills will help you achieve a more dynamic, fluid style that unlocks your full potential. 

Let’s break down the drills:

Accelerate with Precision:

Pop up with your wide stance, then swiftly shift your back foot forward next to your front foot. Trim down the wave in this narrow position, feeling both feet on the accelerator.

Navigate Acceleration and Brake Zones:

Start with the wide stance, and then shift your back foot between the back and middle of the board. Experience the contrast between speed in the accelerator zone and controlled braking in the brake zone.

Dynamic Shuffle Practice:

Challenge yourself by shuffling forwards and backwards on your board, staying in control while exploring various positions. This drill encourages versatile movement. By practicing these drills, you’ll break free from a static stance and embrace dynamic movement that enhances your surfing finesse. Moving along your board’s length allows you to harness different zones for various maneuvers.

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