5 Ways To Create The Perfect Surf Aesthetic Home

Want to make your own home look like it just came straight off that dreamy Pinterest board?

There’s are a few simple ways to create that natural yet surfy SoCal style in just 5 ways:

1.It’s all about earthy tones.

Surfers are generally eco-conscious people, so think earthy tones. Whites, beiges and tans, mixed with a few darker earthier tones create the perfect combo for a modern yet homely feel. If you head to Pinterest and type in ‘natural colour pallet’ you’ll get lost in a calming scroll hole full of cool tones.
Tip – Use textured paint to give your walls some extra depth.

If you’re feeling brave, white concrete floors are all the rage

2.Got wood? 

Whether it’s driftwood off the beach, bamboo from the garden or an old refurbished pine table, wooden furniture will be beautifully contrasted against your whitewashed walls. This is also a great opportunity to raid your grandparent’s house for any old unwanted conservatory rattan furniture. You can also upholster old chairs with some new cushion covers. Check out FB Market Place for some cheaper gems that will only need a little sand down. 

Morrocan style rugs are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your home

3.Pot it like it’s hot 

Gone are the days of the ‘Jungalow’ vibe (because let’s face it – keeping 300 plants in your living room alive is not fun for anyone) – keep it simple and minimalist. Invest in a few tropical leafy green plants to make your home feel alive! Our favourites (and easy to look after) are; the Bird Of Paradise plant, A Dragon Tree, Corn Plant, Parlor Palm (great for brightening dark corners as they don’t need much light) and if you’re a plant pro give a  Banana Tree ago. Good Luck!

4. Smell good, feel good.

Did you know that the part of the brain that processes our smell interacts with the regions of the brain that are responsible for storing emotional memories? So it’s even more important that our home is a place of comfort. If you feel at ease at the beach then opt for a couple of ocean-inspired candles or diffusers to dot around the home. 

Our favourite scents are the Sea Salt + Cedarwood combo. (Sainsbury’s sell this in a candle or diffusor form). Try and stick to scents like bergamot, cedarwood, peppermint, geranium and neroli. The mixture of these woody, citruses, floral and fresh scents perfectly mimic the sea breeze.

Join natural room diffusers that are handcrafted using luxury botanical ingredients, the finest essential oils and recyclable packaging.

5. Art 

Brighten up your walls with muted pastel tones + simple surfy shapes. We’re vibing prints from Ty Williams + Emma Reith – All prints are available to buy from GoldenRays.com.
Hate framing? An easy fix is a scroll magnetic frame  (available on Amazon) which offers an even more simplistic look. 

Art by Emma Reith

Art by Ty Williams

Art by Ty Williams


Enjoy creating your effortless surf shack! 

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