7 Reasons Why You Should Give ‘Proper’ Bodyboarding A Go!

Bodyboarding isn’t just about polystyrene bodyboards with a dolphin on the front. It’s so much more than that! 

It’s a hugely respected sport. Professional bodyboarders use high-end boards + materials, paired with a set of sport-specific fins. It’s about riding waves fast, performing airs, rolls and spin combos.

Some of the biggest waves in the world were originally discovered and ridden by bodyboarders first! 

+ The female boogie scene is INSANE! ⠀

Here’s why you should give it a go too:

1️. You’ll surf green waves almost instantly. 

Once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be out back in no time! Wearing fins on your feet gives you heaps of power and momentum. Not to mention you can duckdive much easier on a bodyboard rather than a surfboard.


2️. Bodyboarding is great for building your confidence in the water and expanding your wave knowledge. 

You’ll feel more in control with a smaller board which is easier to manoeuvre. Bodyboarders sometimes prefer to surf a different type of wave, usually slightly steeper or a wedge-style wave. You’ll learn to read the waves better and harness their power as you’re closer to them!


3. It’s a great leg and bum workout!



4️. If you’ve tried surfing and you’ve struggled to pop up or maybe have injuries that hinder you, bodyboarding is a great alternative.

It’s much less demanding on certain areas of the body.


5️. Too big to surf a hardboard? Maybe you’ll feel more confident to bodyboard.

We’ve all had those days where it’s borderline of what you’re comfortable in. This is when putting on some fins and taking your bodyboard out is a great option to get in and get wet!


6️. Your bodyboard will fit in your car.

No need for strapping it on or sacrificing passengers!


7️. It’s instant fun!!! 

It’s accessible to everyone at any age and you can’t help but have a good time when you’re with your mates! Plus, it will make you a better all-round water woman. You will learn how to read a variety of waves from a different perspective.



Fancy it? We’re offering bodyboard coaching weekends throughout the year in Newquay. Find out more information and how to get involved here!

  • Lou Norris
    Posted at 21:38h, 16 July Reply

    Thank you Women and Waves! I’ve recently discovered that the hip pain I’ve had for a couple of years is due to hip dysplasia which has led to a worn joint and torn cartilage. No wonder I was finding it hard to pop up! I’m feeling blue because I’m not yet sure if I’ll be able to surf again but this article has cheered me up! There’s still fun to be had in the waves! 🙂

    • Rachel
      Posted at 09:11h, 21 July Reply

      Hi Lou, you’re so right! Bodyboarding is sooo much fun + a great way to experience the ocean with less impact on the body! Hope to see you again soon!

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