8 Reasons Why Bali Should Be Your Next Surf Trip With Us!

By Lily Plume

Ah, Bali… Even hearing the name is enough to take us back to sun-soaked days, salty tanned skin, glittering waves and frangipani-scented air. With a tropical climate, consistent swell, the friendliest locals and stunning scenery, Bali is the ultimate bucket-list surf destination. And we are super excited to be taking you there with us in March 2023!

Whether it’s your first time to the island or you’re an Uluwatu regular, you’ll fall in love with surfing all over again on our epic 10-day trip of expert surf coaching, luxury beachside accommodation and jam-packed adventure days with a group of rad surf-mad women.

But between the sunsets, the food, the people and the surf, we couldn’t tell you the one thing that makes us come back to this magical place year after year… So here are all the reasons why we love it so much!

1. Escape the UK winter (and surf in a bikini!)


March is when the water temperature in the UK is at its coldest – a teeth-chattering 9℃ in Newquay! So what better time to whisk yourself away to warmer climes? Ditch the wetsuit and surf neoprene-free in tropical Bali, where the sea temperature doesn’t drop below 20C, usually hovering at a blissful 29C. Goodbye brain freeze, hello balmy bikini surfs!

2. Score consistent quality waves 


The more you surf, the more you improve. Seems simple, right? Not when your home break is fickle (or non-existent). Consistency is key to improving your surfing, which is why Bali is such an amazing place to step up your surfing game. Consistent year-round swell and heaps of breaks to choose from make it a surfer’s playground. From the white sandy beaches and offshore reefs of Nusa Dua on the east coast, to the picture-perfect barrels at Uluwatu and beginner-friendly breaks of Balangan to the west, there’s a wave for everyone here.

3. Benefit from local knowledge in and out of the water


With all these amazing spots located on different coasts, working on different tides and swell directions, as a first-timer you could easily miss out on epic surf if you don’t know where to look. Having the expert guidance of local surf instructors is a game-changer for a surf trip to Bali. Our team knows how to time the tides and beat the crowds, so you can surf both well-known and under-the-radar waves to suit your abilities and get the most out of every surf. Plus, our experienced Women + Waves trip leader will be there with you to share the coolest cafés and hangout spots for those after-surf chill-out sessions.

4. Skyrocket your surfing with 5* coaching 


If you’ve been stuck in a rut or have something specific you want to work on, this trip is your chance to finally break through that wall and see your surfing soar to new heights. We’ve partnered with Rip Curl to create a jam-packed curriculum of surf-specific training for your body and mind. Beyond the daily water coaching, video analysis and theory sessions, you can expect personalised coaching on everything from cross-stepping and cutbacks to confidence-building breath workshops and post-surf yoga sessions. Whatever your objectives are, our tried-and-tested coaching technique is guaranteed to get you the results you’re looking for. But just take our word for it, check the feedback from our awesome guests on our Trip Advisor or Google Reviews!

5. Capture the wave of your life on camera


So, you just got the most epic wave and you’re beaming ear to ear… Don’t you wish you could replay it over and over again? Our photographer will be shooting photos and videos of your sessions from the land AND the water to capture every angle of your surfing experience in Bali. Seeing yourself surf is the fastest way to improve, so we’ll be using this footage in our video analysis to give you a move-by-move breakdown of what you need to focus on to take your surfing to the next level. Plus, you’ll be able to take all of your photos and videos home with you!

6. Discover Bali beyond the surf with fun-filled lay days 


When you’re not surfing, there is so much to explore and experience on this beautiful volcanic island. You’ll meet macaques in Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest and snorkel with manta rays on Nusa Lembongan, walk through the lush rice terraces of Tegalalang and watch the sunset from a clifftop Hindu temple overlooking the sea. And of course, we’ll be stopping at all the bucket-list places to eat along the way. From 50p nasi goreng and Michelin-star meals to bouji brunches and barbecued seafood, you definitely won’t go hungry on this trip!

7. Soak up the spiritual centre of Indonesia


Spirituality and religion are woven into the fabric of daily life on the Island of the Gods. Just by driving through a village or walking back from the surf, you’ll get a glimpse into the rituals, practices and superstitions that keep a community connected to the spirits of the island. You’ll feel this mystical energy drifting through the humid air in the scent of incense, the eerie sound of gamelan playing and the daily offerings of rice, fruit and flowers neatly folded inside palm leaf boxes that are scattered about the streets.

8. Stay at the most Instagrammable accommodation ever


Bali is well-known for its aesthetic accommodation, with breathtakingly beautiful villas perched above the sea and quirky huts hidden in the jungle. We’ve found a boutique surf camp with the best of both, so you can experience unique Balinese design with enough mod-cons to ensure you’re comfortable. You’ll stay in your own eco bungalow, complete with thatched roof, hanging plants and private balcony with plunge pool, plus a shared infinity pool, open-air yoga shala and healthy home-cooked food. And the location couldn’t be better – overlooking Greenbowls Beach at the southern tip of the Bukit peninsula, we’re bang in the middle of the long lefts of the east coast and right-hand reef breaks of the west coast.

So, are you ready for the trip of a lifetime?! Join us in Bali from 23rd March to 2nd April 2023 to level up your surfing, immerse yourself in the culture and landscapes of the magical island and find your tribe of salty sisters! 

Head this way for more info and to secure your space!

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