5 Top Ways To Improve Your Surfing!

Learning to surf is an incredible journey filled with rewarding moments and challenges. As your technique improves and your confidence blossoms, you might find yourself hitting a plateau. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five expert tips to help you break through that plateau efficiently. And stay tuned, because the final tip might surprise you!

Tip 1: Embrace the Surfscape 

Practice makes perfect, and using a surf skate can dramatically enhance your skills. Whether it’s mastering turns, shoulder rotations, or perfecting your form, a surf skate offers endless opportunities for honing your techniques away from the water. No need to be near the coast; practice on flat surfaces or empty car parks to nail those maneuvers.

Tip 2: Dive into Video Analysis

Seeing yourself on video while surfing might feel strange, but it’s an incredibly powerful tool. Get someone to film you and watch the footage. It provides insights into your technique that you might not otherwise notice. Analyze your strengths and areas for improvement, and tailor your drills accordingly.

Tip 3: Surf All Conditions

Surfing in various conditions is key to becoming a well-rounded surfer. Challenging yourself with wind, rain, bigger, or smaller waves sharpens your skills and builds resilience. Even on days when it’s not ideal, practicing different techniques, from paddle fitness to duck dives, can greatly enhance your overall performance.

Tip 4: Elevate Your Skills with a Coached Surf Holiday

Consider joining a coached surf holiday to accelerate your progress. Experienced coaches provide top-notch guidance, video analysis, and in-water support. Surfing unfamiliar waves expands your skills, and the whole experience fosters lifelong friendships while enjoying the sun and riding waves in beautiful destinations.

Tip 5: Power Up with Push-Ups

Building strength is essential for a powerful pop-up. Incorporating push-ups into your routine strengthens your chest, core, and back muscles—crucial for explosive pop-ups. Challenge yourself to do 10 push-ups daily. Start on your knees if needed and watch how your improved strength translates into faster, more effective pop-ups.

Remember, these tips are tried and tested strategies that have worked wonders for our surfers. Our aim is to help you conquer plateaus and continue progressing on your incredible surfing journey. Catch you in the waves soon!

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