This easy peasy pre-surf snack is the perfect energy booster before hopping in the water, keeping you energised for hours!

There’s nothing worse than surfing on an empty stomach or quickly scoffing down some porridge, trying to fuel yourself for an epic surf, but instead end up feeling like a bloated whale. Eughhh.

This is why our Energy Boosting Bliss Balls are our go-to, especially on our coaching weekends when we have longer sessions or mid-session coffee breaks.


Difficulty: SUPER EASY!

Time to make: 5 minutes max!

Makes: 10 balls.

Last for: 7 days! (if you don’t eat them before then!)



1 cup of rolled oats (or quick oats work just fine)⁠

1 cup of dates (pitted)⁠

1 tbsp cacao powder. ⁠

1 tbsp maple syrup (if you prefer it slightly sweeter)


STEP 1. Place all your ingredients into a blender for 1 minute until it starts to slowly bind.⁠

STEP 2: Use a tablespoon to measure out a portion and squish it into a ball. Roll it around in your palms until it gets smooth and you’ve got a nice little ball in your hand.

STEP 3: Tah-dah! THEY’RE DONE! Then just keep them in the fridge in a sealed tub for when you need that extra boost on the go! ⁠


  • Try swapping the 1 tbsp of maple for a tbsp of peanut butter!
  • If you have any nuts lying around the house, crush them up and roll the balls in this after step 2. This will give a nice crunchy outer layer!
  • Roll them in designated coconut for coconutty goodness!

Let us know how yours go in the comments below!

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