Game-changing Advice From 5 Of The Uk’s Best Surfers!

Surfing is incredibly rewarding, yet it comes with its fair share of challenges. We understand the journey can be tough, which is why we’ve gathered insights from five professional and semi-professional surfers who’ve walked the path of progression. These incredible women have weathered the challenges and successes of surfing, and now they’re sharing their number one tips to help you along the way.

In this video, you’ll hear from accomplished surfers who’ve distilled their years of experience into invaluable advice. Whether you’re yearning to explore new breaks, analyze your technique, seek motivation, watch up-and-comers, or challenge yourself with bigger waves, these tips come from real-life journeys.

Meet the surfers:

Tegan Blackford:

From the UK to pro comps, Tegan emphasizes the benefits of travelling to surf warmer waters and explore diverse breaks. Broaden your horizons, meet fellow surf enthusiasts, and experience various wave types in different cultures.

Vittoria Farmer:

Former WSL surfer and Aussie legend explains the importance of being able to see yourself surf and being your own critic, whether that’s to help your progression or push your professional growth.

Alys Barton:

Video analysis is Alice’s secret weapon. Reviewing your own surf footage offers insights into your strengths and areas for growth. From beginners to experts, video analysis is a powerful tool for progressing your skills.

Lauren Sandland:

Lauren’s source of motivation? Her little brother! Having a dedicated surf buddy who pushes you and provides constructive feedback can make a world of difference in your journey.

Lilla Skinner:

Lilla draws inspiration from watching established surfers navigate the competitive circuit. Witnessing their ups and downs and the way they handle challenges serves as a guide for her own journey.

Expert Tip: Pushing your comfort zone by riding bigger waves and attempting more daring manoeuvres under the guidance of experienced surfers can lead to significant growth and increased confidence in your abilities.

We hope these tips resonate with you and provide that extra boost you’ve been seeking on your surfing journey.

If you have additional advice to share or if there’s something that has worked wonders for you, drop a comment below. Your insights matter to us.

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