INTRODUCING Breathwork, Balance, Confidence and Recovery Training TO OUR COSTA RICA SURF CAMP

We’ve added a brand new dimension to our Costa Rica Camp this February. We’ll be exploring Breathwork, Balance, Confidence and Recovery training. This is the ultimate land and pool-based surf preparation training!

You’ll receive three of these amazing sessions from hand picked fitness experts and personalised trainers who will guide you to improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility for surfing.

We’re excited to introduce you to two of the most knowledgeable, creative and encouraging people in the Costa Rican surf community, Val & Augusto; their innovative methods and techniques are changing the way we approach surf fitness and performance. We’ve organised a Masterclass with both Val & Augusto for you in Costa Rica, that will help you understand your body better, have more confidence in its capabilities in the water, and teach you how to keep surf fit and feel ocean ready when on dry land.

First up, Valentin is an interactive, playful and passionate teacher, and his knowledge is endless. He uses surf-focused workouts to improve your balance, surf technique and core strength. You’ll learn to think about your breathing and movement in a surf-specific way, and you’ll come away with a whole new range of pre-surf beach warm-ups after just one session.

Valentin focuses on “the core cylinder” and will have you shifting your weight and engaging opposing muscle groups to retain balance, while throwing your body in various directions to simulate turns, cut backs and take-offs.

Valentin constantly relates your breathing and movements to surf manoeuvres and is able to spot and correct even the smallest error in your posture or position to improve your surfing technique. 

Courtenay, our Costa Rican trip leader says “I remember going for a surf after one of Val’s classes and without even thinking I found myself using their breathing techniques from start to finish. I felt so strong and connected!”

Valentin will also deliver a Recovery session, which is super useful when you’re surfing all week. Val will explain how and why to use the roller, the science behind it, and the detoxifying effect it has on our muscle fibres. He’ll demonstrate how to warm up with a roller, to get the blood flowing to your muscles first thing in the morning, and how to get into parts of your muscles you didn’t even know existed. It’s painful but seriously satisfying.

We’ve also arranged Underwave Training with Augusto for you; it’s an engaging and informative introduction to breath-work that covers mindset tricks and breathing techniques both on land and in the pool. 

Augusto will guide you through breathing techniques on the mat in a serene outdoor setting, with logical (and comforting) explanations of why our body reacts to decreasing oxygen levels in specific ways. He will help you understand the great feats you’re capable of, which in turn will help you feel calmer in the ocean knowing how much time you have underwater.

In the pool you’ll practise holding your breath below the water, both still and whilst swimming; with Augusto’s powerful mindset tricks and breathing techniques, you’ll be shocked at the stopwatch results!

Courtenay says “Val and Augusto are absolutely lovely, incredibly passionate and above all encouraging. I can’t tell you how often I implement their tips and use the advice they gave me whilst I’m out surfing”

If this holistic approach to surfing sounds like something you’d be interested in, join us on our next trip to Costa Rica from the 8th – 15th February 2024. 

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