Wild Swimming Weekend


Join Women + Waves For A Relaxed Weekend Of Coastal Immersion

by J. Fisher

Few things better relax your mind and body than spending time by the ocean. The coast is a place to admire the varying shades of blue while the sea-breeze breathes new life into your lungs. Wild swimming, cold-water immersion, surfing and SUPing are all part of that famous Cornish charm. Here at Women + Waves we actively appreciate this on our Water Women Weekend and we’d love to share the benefits with you too. Our Water Women Weekend is all about using the beauty of our natural surroundings to search for happiness and peace. This degree of coastal immersion persuades your worries to float away in the wind while meeting wonderful like-minded women. The no-pressure environment is conducive to helping you try new things regardless of your previous experience. Women + Waves has your back throughout the whole weekend and we’ll always be there for support and guidance.

Benefits of Vitamin Sea

The health benefits of the ocean are held in high regard by surfers and scientistsalike. Leaving the coast feeling recharged and re-energised is no coincidence, studies have shown that there are many mental and physical benefits of swimming in seawater. We explore these attributes during our Water Women Weekend and the hope is that you’ll go into a new week feeling calm, confident, refreshed and recharged as much as possible. Here’s why we’re passionate about helping women enjoy the waves:
It makes you feel good! The coastal air is charged with negative ions. These
help to reduce stress, boost our immune system and increase our happy hormone, serotonin…
The ocean improves concentration. Spending time around nature holds our imagination captive due to its “fascination value”. According to the University of Michigan this powers our clarity and focus…
Anybody a fan of napping? A National Trust study has shown that coastal walkers have a better quality of sleep and, on average, sleep for 47 minutes longer. These coastal walks also provide you with a sense of calm, happiness and escapism…

It boosts your health. Seawater contains vital elements that help to boost your overall health. Oceanic compounds such as magnesium help to fight depression, regulate the nervous system and even lower your blood pressure…
The ocean is great for your skin! Seawater is also rich in other minerals like zinc, potassium and iron. These minerals are anti-inflammatory, helping to heal and protect the skin barrier. On top of this they’ve also been shown to help combat eczema and psoriasis too…● The salt makes us stronger. Despite the taste of the ocean, the salt present in the water is great for our bodies. Benefits include regulating our blood sugar levels, oxygenating our blood and increasing our white blood cell count – therefore improving our immune system!


“A storm was coming but that’s not what she felt. It was
adventure on the wind and it shivered down her spine.”

Water Women Weekend Newquay

What To Expect On Our Water Women Weekend

In a nutshell, this weekend is all about enjoying the ocean, enjoying the elements and enjoying the company. As women we are stronger together, we look out for one another and we build each other up. We encourage a no-pressure environment across the whole weekend so that you can feel safe and confident to try new things. Whether that’s surfing in Newquay for the first time, embracing the cold during a wild swim in Cornwall or finding your balance on a paddleboard; we’re with you every step of the way. Our highly experienced coaching team are not only the friendly faces that will look after you, they’re also fully qualified lifeguards; so you can relax knowing you’re in the safest of hands!

Here’s a brief overview of what to expect during the weekend:

Morning Sea Swim. This is a strong start to the weekend and it’ll relinquish any fears or phobias you might have of the cold water! We’ll be based in the harbour where we can make full use of the sea steps. You can slowly but surely step your way into the refreshing ocean whilst reciting all of its benefits!
Breakfast + Coffee. After drying off and warming up, we’ll head to one of our favourite cafés in Newquay for a slice of sourdough and an artisan coffee. We’ll take this time to refuel and chill out before we head back down towards Towan beach, grabbing our wetsuits on the way.
Surf’s Up. Now it’s time to make the most of our golden beaches and crystal-clear water for a spot of surfing in Newquay. Ability and skill isn’t an issue here, you’ll be split into two groups comprising beginner and experienced riders.

This way you’ll get the right level of coaching that you need.

Afternoon Hang Time. After a couple of hours catching waves, the afternoon brings us time to explore the surf shops in Newquay, peruse the independent boutiques and grab lunch at local cafés. We’ve built a great relationship with the surrounding businesses so we’re able to offer an exclusive Women + Waves discount in selected stores.
Wine and a Walk. In the early evening we’ll meet up for a drink at one of our favourite bars. This is a great chance to catch up with everyone and to share
your experiences of the day. From here it’s back to immersing yourself in the
elements as we step onto a Cornish coastal path and walk to one of the best beachside restaurants in the area. Dinner with a view doesn’t get much better than this, enjoy some well-earned food whilst watching the sun set over the sea.
Cocktails or Comfy Bed? With plenty of nearby bars and pubs, after dinner is totally your call. If you’re feeling invigorated with a new zest for life and want to continue the good times then feel free. Equally if you’re struggling to keep your eyes open after an epic day, we won’t blame you for hitting the hay.

Morning SUP Brief. As yesterday was all about the ocean, today is all about the river. In the morning we’ll meet up near theGannel Estuary to go over some important paddle boarding tricks, tips and techniques. Alfresco classroom over, it’s time to hit the water for a relaxing two-hour SUP tour. We’ll also be bringing our impressive Super SUP, large enough for multiple people if you’re not quite feeling up to the challenge.

Water Women Weekend

Fauna and Flora. Paddle boarding in Newquay, especially on the River Gannel, is a great way to spot some of the rarest birds in the area. The river is also a hardy place where only the strongest plants survive. Keep a watchful eye out as you slowly glide your way downstream and notice how the landscape changes around you.

Wild Swimming Part 2. A little further down the Gannel when it’s time to cool off, we’ll moore up our Super SUPs to create some temporary pontoons.These will provide the perfect platforms to jump off and refresh yourself in cooling waters.
Brunch and Goodbyes. After a morning of SUPing down the Gannel we’ll head to another one of our favourite cafés in the area. This time overlooking the surfing at Fistral beach, we will enjoy brunch with a view before saying our goodbyes. Although it’s never goodbye, it’s just see ya later!


If you want to book onto our Water Women Weekend and experience all of this for yourself, then head over to our website for more info. Alternatively, feel free to give the girls a call on 01637 226017 and they’ll be stoked to sort you out. Women’s surf weekends rule, is this just what you’ve been looking for? This is a super popular weekend so please book early to avoid disappointment.

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