Letter from the editor | And so it begins…

The other day I read this quote by Georgina Johnson, spoken for the campaign ‘Slow Fashion to Save Minds.’

 “We deserve spaces that recognise creativity as the strongest asset and people as the biggest and most precious resource. Community is key, so fall into one.”

Her point resonates way beyond a single topic, right? It’s certainly one at the core of Women and Waves, founded by Rachel Murphy in 2017 to bring water-loving women together through a shared, cold water wave party where the collective experience trumps performance, ability and appearance. Because, surfing can be a little intimidating. I don’t know about you, but the snaps, airs, cross steps and rail grabbing skills of its royalty are a comical contrast my salty ragamuffin self. Relatability is underrated. So, let’s strip surfing back.

 We’re stoked to launch the Women and Waves Journal, a place to document the truth and tribulations of what it’s like being a year-round surfer and celebrate each season of surf for simply being what we feel it is: neoprene and Lego tans, burnt cheeks and pale necks, salty monobrows and sand under your boobs, sticky summer climbs up beach steps, Atlantic storm swells churning beyond windscreen wipers, cold wetsuit flushes and board wax rashes, endorphin highs and salty smiles.

 Old friends, new friends. Community. 

We are 21st century water-women living modern lifestyles. With surfing’s upcoming Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games, the culture will continue to change. But wading waist deep towards oncoming walls of whitewater kind of forces you to be present; makes you remember the reason you love it and why so many have done so before us. We want to support the endeavors of all you ocean-dwellers, share inspiration, showcase the exciting work of Cornwall’s inspiring creatives and equip each other with actionable ocean know-how.

It’s the era of ‘she’. Women are a force. We’re Captains of our own crafts and we want to hear your stories.

So welcome to the W&W Journal. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a white-water rider or someone who simply likes their toes to be sandy; together we can stare directly into the eye of summer, sunnies on, zinc drawn along our cheekbones with a shared passion for that special stretch where land meets the ocean. A community crushing hard on Cornwall and coastlines around the world.

Who’s on board? Let’s hear you.

Happy riding,

Anya x

Do you have a story to share? Get in touch. Submissions –  info@womenandwavessociety.com

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