Letter from the Editor | Autumn

And just like that, there’s a happy crunch underfoot. We are being surrounded by rusty colours, hugged by beloved jumpers and blown swiftly, brollies open, into the arms of Autumn.

You’d be forgiven a glass-half-empty grumble in mourning of Summer. Add a little drizzle to those delightfully crunchy leaves and you have a lethal slip and slide for flip-flopped feet.

Yesterday I performed a skid so theatrical, in both sound and appearance, that four people, a cat and an Uber stopped to watch me travel spread-eagled along the pavement before colliding with a wooden bench.

During the split second journey, whilst my life flashed before my eyes, I realised it was time to take out my practical footwear. Like a sibling whose phone charger you borrowed and forgot to give back, Autumn giveth and Autumn taketh away.

When it comes to surfing, however, the season is definitely on our side. Women and Waves are dedicated to celebrating every new season of surf for what it is, and over the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you new and unique stories through the lens of life’s own stages.

In Autumn, the water in the UK is usually at its warmest, having charged up and clung on to Summer’s heat. Waves become more consistent as ocean storms start to generate bigger and better groundswells. We’ll explore some of the science behind these swells and the journey they take to becoming the waves we love.

We’ll also be introducing talented new contributors, share stories of women finding surfing after turning 50 and follow the diary of a first-time mum as she documents her relationship with the water whilst both her bump and baby grow.

It’s going to be an exciting season of surf. Happy riding,

Anya x

Submissions: info@womenandwavessociety.com

To find out more about Women and Waves, check out our Surf Society and upcoming surf coaching weekends.

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