What type of surf trip are you?

With surf tourism exploding and an ever-growing list of places to visit next, choosing a destination for your next trip can feel like a huge task. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you pick a trip that suits you and all your surfing dreams! Do you like your surf trips with a side of R&R? We’ve got you covered. Looking for somewhere with consistent conditions but on a tight budget? No problemo amigo. Seeking uncrowded lineups but don’t know where to find them? We know just the place. Keep reading to start your next surf adventure with us!

For the hardcore adventure surfer

For you, a surf trip isn’t just a holiday – it’s about taking your surfing to the next level! You want to get as much surfing time as possible out of your trip, so world-class waves and high quality coaching are non-negotiables. Beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks – you want them all! You love to geek out on the technical side of surfing and want someone to watch your every wave, giving you actionable feedback and hot tips the whole time. When you’re not surfing, you might hike up a volcano, dive into waterfalls or explore the local area. Anything to keep the adventure and stoke alive. After a week on the intensive performance-focused programme on our El Salvador trip, you’ll come home feeling like a total pro!

For the bucket list surfer

Waves are definitely high on your agenda, but a surf trip for you isn’t just about surfing. You’re looking for that sweet balance between culture, adventure and surf – with a healthy dose of indulgence too. You love packing in as many experiences as possible, both in and out of the water. One day you’ll be snorkelling with tropical fish, the next you’ll be wandering through rice terraces and temples. Any excuse to treat yourself, you’re all for bougie breakfasts and a little shopping spree here and there. If you want to come home feeling like you’ve seen it all (and with the Insta feed to prove it), then our fun-packed trip to Bali is for you!

For the fitness-focused surfer

You’re big on wellness and love discovering the latest workout trends and superfoods to nourish your body – especially when they improve your surf fitness. You understand that surfing is as much of a mental game as it is physical, so you’re looking for a holistic approach to surf training to try a bit of everything, from breathwork and balance to confidence and recovery. You also love to spend time in nature when you travel; hiking through the jungle and horse riding on the beach are your ideal extra-surf activities. Anything that gets you active and outside, you’re game for! If that’s the case, then the lush landscapes and fitness-focused surf programme of our Costa Rica trip is right up your street! You’ll leave feeling stronger in your body, more confident in the surf and nourished all over.

For the chilled vibes surfer

Mellow waves, chilled vibes and palm-fringed beaches are the ingredients for your dream surf holiday – with an emphasis on the holiday part. You like your surf trips as stress-free as possible, with everything taken care of. You dream of swimming with sea turtles, sipping sundowners and dancing with the locals, without a worry in the world. You want to be able to roll out of bed and into the surf, then plop yourself on a sunlounger feeling totally blissed out. If you also like your surf trips with a reggae beat, come to Barbados with us! With beachfront accommodation and a local team to show you a good time, you’ll come home feeling like a sun-kissed surf goddess, smiling from ear to ear.

For the barefoot surfer

Faraway islands fill your surf dreams, where little boats take you out to perfect peeling waves and manta rays glide in the depths below. You’re up for a bit of an adventure to get there, but once you’ve arrived you just want to kick your shoes off, leave your phone in your room and totally switch off. You’re not about boot camps or busy schedules; you’re here to take things at your own pace. If the mood strikes, you might go for a light hike or skate. But you could just as easily spend the whole day reading in a hammock, listening to the waves. If the slow island life is calling you, then our Nusa Lembongan trip will fulfil your tropical surfing fantasies. 

For the cheap and cheerful surfer

Cheap and cheerful is your travel motto. You’re not fussed about extravagant adventures, you just want an easy trip with guaranteed waves, sunshine and good times. You love the European vibe of pretty cobbled streets lined with cool cafés, sangria-fuelled sunsets and fresh seafood dinners. When it comes to food, you like to have the option of catering for yourself whilst also being close to great restaurants. Morning sea dips and post-surf stretch sessions are a must, and a little retail therapy wouldn’t go amiss either. If cheap beer, fun nights out and tasty tapas are ticking your boxes, join us on our Portugal trip!

For the solitude-seeking surfer

When you go on a surf trip, you’re not bothered about five-star luxury, bougie cafés or buzzing nightlife. Bells and whistles don’t mean a thing if you have to hustle for a wave in the lineup. You’re prepared to take the road less travelled to surf empty breaks and escape the tourist traps, seeking out authentic travel experiences. You love to learn the language, try the food and soak up the local culture to get a real feel for the place. Your dream wave is a long peeling point break, with no one else around but you and a few friends. Our Secret Morocco trip promises all of this and more – including 40-second long magic carpet rides!

Ready to book the surf trip of a lifetime? Check out our upcoming dates here for 2024!

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