W+W X Babel Fish – surf & language retreat

Do you want to learn to surf or improve your current surfing level? 


Are you also someone who wants to improve their English?

What if we told you that these two goals are both achievable this year, and that by the winter you’ll be cruising along on green waves and chit chatting in English like a local… It’s true!

Here’s how…

Women and Waves has partnered up with Babelfish to create an all female study programme, that will help you fulfil your dreams of surfing the world famous Cornish waves, whilst studying English at the same time.

Women and Waves believes in creating a pressure free, supportive and friendly environment to learn in. If you join us you’ll have 2 amazing Women and Waves coaches for the duration of your stay, helping you progress and achieve your own personal goals. This is not a one size fits all approach to surf coaching, you’ll be seen and coached as an individual, but be part of a warm, positive and dedicated all-female surf crew; it’s the best of both worlds.

So what will it be like when you come to Newquay? 

1. You’ll be based in the beautiful seaside location of Newquay, it’s right on the ocean and has multiple beaches within walking distance. If you want to wake up to the smell of salt in the air, the sound of sea birds, and the roar of the waves, then you’ll love Newquay.

2. Newquay is famous for its waves and is the home of UK surfing. In fact when surfing first came to the UK it started right here in Newquay, at Great Western Beach. We also have the famous Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay within walking distance. We are ideally located to catch the Atlantic swell so have some of the most consistent and best waves in the UK. It’s a pleasure to surf here and September-November is a time that’s well known for great waves. 

3. Newquay is a buzzing town. Newquay has a brilliant infrastructure, with an international airport and great bus, train and road links which make travelling around Cornwall a breeze. Everything you could want is on your doorstep in Newquay, surf shops, independent retailers, artisan coffee shops, restaurants, a cinema, supermarkets, spas, gyms, tennis courts and skateparks. There is so much to do here, and it’s a great launch pad for visiting more remote parts of Cornwall. 

4. If you’re someone who wants to work remotely while you’re here so that you can keep your career at home going strong, then it’s totally possible in Newquay. It’s got superfast broadband, and a culture of surfing before work and in the evenings, so whenever you surf in your free time you’ll see friendly faces in the lineup. We spoke to Babette, a 52 year old solo traveller from Berlin, Germany. She is currently studying with Babelfish in Newquay for 2 months, surfing everyday, and working remotely. Babette says she was looking specifically for a place that she could “work and surf, and where the culture of the town accepted both things equally, not one over the other”. So the good news is girls, in Newquay you can have it all!

5. Newquay is full of natural wonders. The South West Coast Path is the longest and most beautiful long distance walking route in the UK, and it goes right through the heart of Newquay. The beaches and dramatic Cornwall landscapes are breathtaking and just an easy walk from town; any time you want to find some space and immerse yourself in nature then it’s at your fingertips. If you want a change of pace from the endless waves and yearn for some flat water, then we also have the beautiful Gannel river which is a tidal estuary, a nature lovers paradise, and a fabulous paddleboarding and kayaking spot. Babette has been living in the centre of Berlin for 30 years, she says “I’m tired of living in the city, I was looking for open spaces and nice views, and I had always dreamt of living on the Atlantic”.

6. The people in Newquay are used to visitors and holiday makers and are really welcoming to new faces. When travelling overseas by yourself it’s important that you don’t feel lonely, so having some human connection around you is important. Women and Waves is a super supportive community of like minded women, and prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to all. Babette says of her time in Newquay “I really like the people, they are open minded and helpful and friendly”. Newquay is also a very real place, with a stable population who live here year round, so you’ll meet plenty of local surfers, not just other travellers.

7. You’ll join a community of vibrant and passionate women from all walks of life, but who tend to share a similar zest for adventure and an inquisitive nature. Women and Waves started life as a female surf club, set up so that Newquay gals could have a surf buddy to head out back with, and it’s this foundation of friendship and inclusivity has made Women and Waves what it is today. The women that you surf with will inspire and delight you, and you’ll have people to bounce off, laugh with and share this wonderful adventure alongside. Babette says “I found true friendship in Newquay, this surprised me, and has actually become the most important thing for me above surfing and nature”.

So if you want to follow your dreams of surfing every day, and taking strides forward with your English then look no further than this Women and Waves and Babelfish collaboration

You’ll join a tribe of supportive and like-minded women, fall in love with Cornwall, surf your socks off, and have many great adventures along the way.

We can’t wait to see you in Newquay.

Women and Waves x

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