How to paddle outback to step up your surfing

We’re delving into the essential skill of paddling outback – a key component as you progress in your surfing journey, allowing you to tackle bigger, more challenging conditions with confidence.

1. Assessing the Conditions:

Before diving in, take a moment to survey the scene. Look out for rip currents or channels that might aid your journey outback. Observe fellow surfers in the lineup and follow their lead. Timing is everything, so keep an eye on wave sets and lulls to maximize efficiency.

2. Efficiency Tips and Tricks:

To conserve energy, utilize lulls in wave sets to make your paddle out as smooth as possible. Wait for the last few waves in a set to pass, then seize the opportunity to hop on your board and paddle out with ease.

3. Essential Skills for Success:

Equip yourself with essential techniques like duck diving, turtle rolling, punching through, and corking the board. Practice these skills in flat water or between sets to build confidence and mastery.

4. Building Paddle Fitness:

Enhance your paddle fitness through consistent practice and training. Surfing regularly is key, but also incorporate activities like running or swimming to boost cardiovascular endurance – essential for powering through those long sessions in the water.

5. Looking Ahead:

Stay tuned for future Women + Waves videos diving deeper into paddle fitness and surf techniques. Your journey to mastering the waves is just beginning!

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